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This week we’re talking with Kelsey from Analog Giant about using SoundCloud to find some amazing, obscure remixes, engaging in the community and tips for submitting your tracks to the blog via SoundCloud. (Hint: know your audience)

Analog Giant

How long have you been blogging, and what made you start?
I started blogging about music on December 14, 2005. My wife suggested that I focus my free time on music and away from video games, which was probably not a bad idea. I was living in Montpelier, Vermont at the time, but since then I’m moved to Chicago. Over the last, I brought on my friend E to write for the site and cover music in Seattle.

What genres does the site tend to cover? Have you always covered this type of music?
Our focus is on hip hop and electronic. Sometimes our direction can lean one way or another, depending on what we’re listening to, but hip hop and dance has always been our thing. The last few months, we’ve been really into disco, French house, ambient, dub and instrumental hip hop.

How do you find the music you blog about and what makes you pick something to post?
Artists and promoters are always sending us music, and some leads come from other music blogs or through listening to amazing radio shows like Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1, but more and more we are using Soundcloud to find and explore the best new music. And now it seems like Soundcloud is the only way to even find some of the best, most obscure remixes—there’s the whole community there. We’re not musicians—really, we have, like, absolutely zero musical ability—so we don’t pretend to be experts. We just have one rule: if we like it, post it.

When did you start using SoundCloud, and how has it helped you curate the music you post about?
We started heavily using SoundCloud at the beginning of this year. If we found an artist we wanted to post about or we thought they had a cool sound going on, we’d start following them and maybe check out some of their favorite artists. This is going to sound like a commercial or something, but seriously…now that we’ve built up a big network of our favorites in the scene, we can watch our dashboard feed and see all of the tracks our friends are commenting on or adding to their favorites and be right on top of the best new songs, remixes, and edits within just a few hours of their release. We try to leave positive feedback on the tracks that standout and post all the good stuff we find—that way, the we can return the favor to our followers and they can see what we think is the best.

If someone’s interested in sending you some music to review, how do you prefer getting submissions? What are some “Do” and “Don’t”s for people to keep in mind?
Head over to Analog Giant and listen to the kind of music we’re into. If your music fits our style, send us a Soundcloud link in an email or hit up our DropBox. We try to listen to everything that comes our way, but that said…you might have the best black metal band on the planet but we’re not your audience. We keep it legal: we’ll only post stuff directly from the artist, promo company, or label.

What are some songs that you’re currently playing non-stop?

Ellen Allien - Flashy Flashy (Nicolas Jaar Remix) [Bpitch Control] by alchemyremixmanagement

SBTRKT - Step In Shadows (Young Turks) YT043 by sbtrkt

Coma Cat by Tensnake

Mark E - RnB Drunkie by future classic

Nightcrawler by NOSAJ THING

Any last words?
If you are feeling what we are feeling check out our favorites! Too much good stuff!!

Do you have a track you want to send over to Analog Giant? Submit it to their dropbox below!


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