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This week, we’re talking with Jordan from Oh-Death about nostalgic disco tracks, and the importance of researching blogs before sending them music!

Oh-Death |

How long have you been blogging, and what made you start?
I’ve been blogging since late 2007. Around that time the music blog was exploding as a source of music exposure and hype; I was an avid reader of blogs like Palms Out Sounds, Missingtoof, IHeartComix and Discodust but wasn’t into everything they posted. So I started my own blog, searching for and writing about new music that I liked. I also interviewed up-and-coming DJs and producers that I admire, such as DJ Neoteric, Designer Drugs, Streetlife DJs, Malente and Andy George. I also use the blog to promote my t-shirt label, events and DJ slots.

What genres does the site tend to cover? Have you always covered this type of music?
To begin with I featured a lot of electro and house, before touching on the fidget house genre. Recently though, I’ve mostly posted about re-edits and remixes of classic house and disco tracks along with the odd mixtape or two. When I started writing about music, the blog scene was fresh and exciting: and so was the music. Recently though, I feel that there hasn’t been anything to top that period, in both the electronic and indie music scenes. I’ve found myself becoming a bit nostalgic, re-visiting house and disco tracks that I missed at the time of their release as I was too young to appreciate them.

How do you find the music you blog about and what makes you pick something to post?
I get sent promos and original productions everyday via the blog and I listen to everything. However I find I prefer searching for material by listening to other people’s remixes, edits and mixtapes on sites like Soundcloud and Mixcloud. I try and post music I find refreshing and different. When I hear a track in a mix I try and track down a copy for both a post and to add to my music collection.

When did you start using SoundCloud, and how has it helped you curate the music you post about?
I signed up for beta testing before its official launch and have been using it ever since, mainly to host my own edits and mixtapes, as well as using the dropbox feature to allow people to share music they’d like featured on the blog with me. I hadn’t really used it to its full potential until recently, as I was still posting download links for mp3s. I’ve now switched and incorporated a SoundCloud player in my posts, so readers can access the music immediately rather than being diverted to a melee of pop-up advertising just to download one track.

If someone’s interested in sending you some music to review, how do you prefer getting submissions? What are some “Do” and “Don’t”s for people to keep in mind?
-Do send your music as a link to preview and listen to straight away. It’s easier to flick through and get a taste for the track and avoids waiting to download it first.
-Do your research. Often people just send me music or add my blog email to a mailing list without looking into what I post about. There’s no point sending to everyone who’s listed on It’s worth the extra effort to single out potential blogs who will like your material.
-Do personalise your emails to blogs. One sure way of being immediately excluded from consideration on the blog is to put the email address’s of everyone you’re emailing in the ‘to’ field. It’s a kind of underwritten rule that blogs like posting about stuff that no one else has written about. So writing a group email and including a list of everyone else you’ve sent this ‘exclusive’ track to isn’t going to do you any favours.
-Do check that the links in your email work. There’s nothing worse than having to send a second email with an apology for the last email having broken download/ website links.

What are some songs that you’re currently playing non-stop?

Catz_n_Dogz_-To_Be_Cool by catz n dogz aka 3channels

Let’s Go (Bart B More ‘Oldskool’ remix) by Dem Slackers

Foamo - Generate Some Heat (PREVIEW) by Foamo

Lauren Pritchard - Not The Drinking (Riva Starr DUB Cut) by Rivastarr

Dan Black - Symphonies (Hot City Remix) by WeAreBlahBlahBlah

Any last words?
Enjoy the music and support the artists.

Do you have a track you want to send over to Jordan? Submit it to his dropbox below!


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