Who can make the biggest track with the smallest studio?

Blip Interactive, Palm Sounds and SoundCloud challenge You to push the limits for mobile music creation and create the biggest track using the smallest studio; the NanoStudio.

How does it work?

  • Create an original track with NanoStudio
  • The track will automatically show up on this page within the next hour
  • From within the app, share your track to SoundCloud and make sure you submit it to the official NanoStudio group
  • The competition runs until December 15, 2010

Who wins? Equal prizes go to…

  • The track with the most votes
  • And the jury’s favorite

    What are the prizes? Each winner gets…

    • 1 MIDI Mobilizer from Line 6
    • 1 pair of the “smallest earphones in the world” from JAYS
    • 1 year of SoundCloud Pro account
    • 1 SoundCloud t-shirt1 MIDI Mobilizer from Line 6

      And don’t forget to share the tracks you like and invite your friends to vote!



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