Subdrive + SoundCloud + QR codes

Last month, at CMJ in New York, Subdrive decided to utilize SoundCloud’s private sharing in a really awesome way: Using QR codes!

First, their flyers included a QR code that could be scanned, and took you automatically to their Facebook RSVP page:

At the showcase, they had more QR codes printed and spread around the venue. Once you scanned the code using your mobile device, it’d open up the SoundCloud secret link and let the users listen to the track on their phones!

The guys at Subdrive gave away several of their singles, and previews of new tunes for 2011 at the event. They’ve given us the QR code for a brand new (private) track they offered at the party, “Alone Tonight” by Charlie Tippie (featuring Erick Solomon) that will be released in 2011 on Subdrive.

Even though you might have missed the party, you can still check out the track if you scan this code:

We think this is a pretty neat way to use SoundCloud’s private sharing via links. What do you guys think?

You can read more about private sharing on SoundCloud here


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