SoundCloud Showcase: PRs

SXSW in Austin, TX is one of the premiere events for labels to showcase their upcoming artists. We thought we’d turn the tables and showcase some of the folks behind the scenes, and one of the many types of users on our platform.

SoundCloud isn’t just a great platform for artists and labels, but one for PR companies as well. With services like private sharing, streaming music, and statistics, it’s got all the essentials needed for running a great PR campaign.

We spoke with Jay at Terrorbird Media about how he likes using SoundCloud, and some of the features he finds most helpful. 

How did you first hear about SoundCloud, and how has it helped you as a promotional tool for your artists?
I’m not sure how I first heard about SoundCloud. We’re sent a lot of music in many different forms, and so most likely I first experienced SoundCloud through a submission. I recall thinking immediately that the service was both aesthetically neat & intuitive. It’s a helpful promotional tool because of some of it’s features and also it’s ubiquity. It’s nice that I can make a track secret if I need to send it to a publication considering a premiere. Then I also have the option to use SoundCloud as a landing page if I need to. As for ubiquity, at this point most music fans & bloggers know how to get around the platform, so I don’t need to teach anyone how to embed a SoundCloud file or otherwise share it. 

What feature do you find is the most useful so far?
Well, for my personal use, I like the dashboard where I can see what my friends are posting and commenting on. I think it’s a useful tool for music discovery. I also love stats, so the real-time stats make me happy. Oh, and I like that SoundCloud is integrated with RootMusic since that’s my go-to app for building artist Facebook players.

What do you like most about private sharing? How about the secret links?
As I said, it’s helpful when dealing with sensitive files. Sometimes it’s preferable to send files as a stream rather than as an mp3 file. Private sharing is mainly helpful for pre-release tracks or in the case of licensing when we might want to send a music supervisor a song that we don’t want to make available as a download or stream to the general public. Here’s an instance of us distributing a track as a streaming Soundcloud player: This particular track didn’t start as an exclusive, but plenty of outlets picked up on the widget.

With SXSW coming up next month, how have you used SoundCloud to integrate in your promotions?
We make a sampler every year with songs from the artists playing our annual showcase. We will use SoundCloud to build and distribute.
Meanwhile, you can check out some of the bands headed to SXSW below:

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