"Images and sound are a natural combination and really compliment each other."

This quote by Ulla-Maaria Engeström, ThingLink CEO captures very well what Thinglink is about. ThingLink brings additional context, interactivity and meaning to both your sounds and images, photos or pictures. This can be a promotional flyer, a memorable photograph or an album cover artwork. Let’s have a look at two examples:

Featured above is an example for Fleet Foxes, where embedded within the album artwork, you’ll be able to click and listen to their recent song as well as find contextual links to their Wikipedia page, Twitter account, label site and tour dates. Simply hover over the dots on the image to find out more. 

Another example is the interactive flyer created for their bands at SXSW by our friends Paper Garden Records. Click here to check it out, it truly is stunning. 

Want to add your sounds to your website’s images? It’s pretty easy, works well with SoundCloud and is quick to implement - it took us not even two minutes to get it ready on our own Tumblr and works with pretty much every site you work with.  

  • Set up a free account at and 
  • Install a few lines of ThingLink javascript on your website or blog
  • When you input a SoundCloud URL into a tag’s link field, a player appears in your tag. Click it and it starts playing the track in the background

Give it a spin, let us know what you think and if you test it, post a link to your own interactive image in the comments. 


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