SoundCloud Showcase: PRs

SXSW in Austin, TX is one of the premiere events for labels to showcase their upcoming artists. We thought we’d turn the tables and showcase some of the folks behind the scenes, and one of the many types of users on our platform.

SoundCloud isn’t just a great platform for artists and labels, but one for PR companies as well. With services like private sharing, streaming music, and statistics, it’s got all the essentials needed for running a great PR campaign.

We spoke with Karen Piper over at Radar Maker about how she likes using SoundCloud, and some of the features she finds most helpful.

How did you first hear about SoundCloud, and how has it helped you as a promotional tool for your artists?
We’ve had a think around the office and we’ve decided that we heard about SoundCloud either through someone here who runs a blog receiving an email about it OR spotting a dropbox on a blog. We aren’t entirely sure. We use SoundCloud with all of our artists to varying degrees - we’ve integrated SoundCloud into the company site’s artist pages using a custom player, so all of our available music is there to play / link / download / embed. More often than not we use SoundCloud to send music to sites for review or posting. We have also used SoundCloud to run remix competitions, social strategies (Share to download, etc), integrated with Facebook campaigns, featured artist mixtapes, website integration, and to build password-protected digital promo pages for artists and run full album stream exclusive with partner sites (Hype Machine, The Guardian).

What feature do you find is the most useful so far?
It’s hard to choose just one feature that we find most useful. The secret link / private sharing has changed the way we use SoundCloud the most, so perhaps we’d choose that. We can now host all of our assets without making them public for the world and build on top of the API to create any number of interesting access points. We have yet to use the REC button feature, but we are just waiting for the right artist and the right opportunity as I think it could be an incredibly interesting way to push SoundCloud into a new area of creative promotion.

What do you like most about using the secret widgets for promo pages? Any awesome examples so far?
It’s just easy. When building promo pages for our artists previously we needed to code it from the ground up with secure Flash players, password protection, individual users, etc. After realising that we could use SoundCloud to integrate the music into a page we’ve managed to customise the backend for our site (and some clients) to make building a promo page a matter of minutes instead of hours. We use this exclusively now to build promo pages for Wichita Recordings as part of a WordPress backend.

With SXSW coming up this week, how have you used SoundCloud to integrate in your promotions?
We often use SoundCloud as an extention to text-based press releases. It allows us to give a bit of colour to an otherwise (if we’re honest) fairly boring piece of writing by including some music. We will be sending out mixtapes of our artists playing. We will also be using SoundCloud to create digital samplers for some clients to highlight the artists they have playing at the festival. We have Wolf Gang out there playing some amazing shows.

Wolf Gang - Dancing With The Devil by wolfgang

Dam Mantle - Movement by Wichita Recordings The Dodos - Black Night by Wichita Recordings Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra) by The Vaccines No Room To Live by Wichita Recordings Understand At All by Wichita Recordings

Want to learn more about how SoundCloud can be used from a PR perspective? Check out our SoundCloud 101 for PRs here:

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