Japan Benefit

After the devastating events in Japan individuals all over the world have been helping by any means they can. After the past week a number of initiatives have been brought to our attention of how SoundClouders have been helping and paying tribute to Japan.

SoundCloud Artists

Over 20 SoundCloud users got together to produce an album called Rising Japan. All proceeds will go to Shelter Box, an organization helping the worst affected areas in Japan right now. You can hear samples of each track and audio clips of how the project started below.

Latest tracks by SoundCloud_Artists

Help out by purchasing this compilation by clicking HERE

Nihon Kizuna

Nihon Kizuna is a compilation spanning 40+tracks and featuring contributions from Hyperdub, Ninja Tune, One-Handed Music, All City and more. All the info can be found HERE. Below is an audio explanation and teaser audio clips:

Many artists have been creating their own tributes, such as RZA -

Gab-Gotcha “Japan” by RZAWU

For all those who have created their own tributes and wanted to have an outlet to share there is now a Japan Tribute group

If you are aware of any other initiatives on SoundCloud to help Japan please leave a comment on this post. 


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