National Poetry Month Collaborations Recap

This is a guest post by Christopher D. Sims who organized the National Poetry Month Collaborations group on SoundCloud.

The SoundCloud National Poetry Month Project was created to bring attention to the Poetry Foundation's yearly initiative, giving the SoundCloud global community the opportunity to take part. It was also devised to bring attention to poetry as a movement, and as a pastime that many people share across the world. SoundCloud is the perfect platform for poets and spoken word artists.

With this reality, it felt right to create a platform where SoundCloud poets and spoken word artists could share their love for the written and the spoken word. It was a pleasure creating this project with SoundClouders Monica Dockery and Zefora Alderman, with the support and help of SoundCloud staff.

We reached out to many of you to hear your voices and to encourage you to collaborate. It is all about community and creativity, and poetry helps build that. Thank you for your participation, and for sharing all of the oneliners, the music, and for your time!

Listen to some highlights to look back at the wonderful creativity and collaborations from the community. 

Ambient poetry for your ears by SoundClouders OK Enough and Rafi Wazir.

The communal sound-making group Disquiet Junto also participated in this project with an Odyssey-inspired project. Here’s one from William Boldenweck. “I set the line looping in my apartment in front of a cheap walkie-talkie, then went for a twenty minute walk with a portable recording device rigged to record the mate of the other walkie-talkie.”

A four-person collaboration from Popicho (Chucho)Midi Punk, Fosca More, Andrey Kneller, entitled “Heavy Words.” 

Look forward to National Poetry Month 2014. More at


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