Recording Phone Calls on SoundCloud


Just realized that by setting up a three-way call where one of the numbers you dial is the SoundCloud importer you end up with a pretty neat way of recording & sharing phone calls. 

Like this.

A phone call on saturday by Alex

The phone numbers to the SoundCloud Importer are:

The first call will set your phone up with your soundcloud account, after that you can use any of the numbers to call up your SC account and leave a message.

I’m thinking phone call recording could be useful for phone interviews (& prank-calls!). Other ideas?

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    Dear interviewer-journalists, listen up! Dear people in conference-calls-when-someone-is-missing, record the session for...
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    Soundcloud are coming up with some seriously simple ways of capturing and sharing audio - watch this space!
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    Yes! Conducting phone interviews will be so much easier!
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