This week on Remixes/Contests/Submissions

We’re running a remix competition with London based indie-rockers Tellison and their wonderful label Naim Edge! Remix their belter of a track ‘Edith’ from their brand new record ‘The Wages Of Fear’ for the chance to win Soundcloud premium accounts, limited edition Tellison goodies, the chance to be the band’s next b side and heaps more! Sweet deal!

All styles and genres are accepted and encouraged, simply head here to find out more, download the stems and enter!

…Now for something a bit different: our friends over at Foem have drawn our attention to this great creative contest from Basura Records, artist Rajeev Basu and his EEP EEP EEP EP project.

The idea is to see if one of society’s most despised sounds, the sound of alarms, can be turned into music that people might actually enjoy!

As an example, their first track comes from Blazing Lazer in LA - made entirely out of alarms!


For every track received Rajeev Basu will create a unique 1 of 1 artwork inspired by it, which will be made as tracks are sent in and be created entirely using clip-art.

At the end of the contest, the three most inventive submissions will be chosen to win a bunch of SoundCloud prizes and the tracks turned into sound-sculpture installations which will be exhibited in 2012!

Click here to head over to the contest, or here to see some of Rajeev's amazing work.

We have a brand new contest from the guys over at Broken Beatz this week; their super exciting Next Stop On Top competition!

Select one of three beats to mix and submit them for the chance to be featured on, win an all expenses trip to Austin, Texas for a video shoot and live performance, have your music featured on iTunes and win a SoundCloud premium account!

Head over to to enter!


Together with makers of fine software synths Disco DSP, Pesto Music has announced their first open remix contest ever! 

The tune to be remixed is ”Aegean” by Jon Silva, h
ere’s the original:  

Pesto Remix Contest: Jon Silva - Aegean (Original) [Pesto Music] by pestomusic

No genre boundaries, no tempo set - come up with your best reinterpretation of that tune. Simple as that. Click here for details, prizes and how to enter.


Here we have an exciting competition courtesy of Party Guy Records. What’s needed is your finest remix/rework of Manikan's track titled 'Indigo' taken from his forthcoming Noche Buena EP due out in June. Simply head over to the contest page, mix the track below and submit it to the Party Guy Records SoundCloud Dropbox!

Manikan - Indigo (Original Mix) by Party Guy Records

…Interested in setting up your own remix contest or submissions feature on SoundCloud? Click here to find out how!


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