As part of the Soundcloud Global Meetup Day on the 25th of May 2011, six people joined together to create a piece of music along with many other countries throughout the world. 

Performed live, recorded in stereo straight to analogue cassette and written using a collection of pre-imagined words, notes and rhythms brought together by each member. 4 notes, chords or rhythms, 6 words and an instrument.

The whole piece was written and recorded live in 2 hours.

Video filmed by Donna Craddock. Edited by Jay Stansfield.

The Hibsonian Psychotronics are:

Dan MacDonald - keyboards / percussion 
Tom Cross - Bass 
Maria Stansfield - Vocals / percussion 
Karl Francis - Drums / vocals 
Rob Ashworth - Engineer / percussion / language master 
Jay Stansfield - Acoustic / vocals / kazoo