SoundCloud Spotted: Smashing Pumpkins, Arctic Monkeys, New Order, Battles, The Black Ships (ex-Verve), Ashton Kutcher and David Guetta!

SoundCloud Spotted is new weekly roundup of the most interesting uses of SoundCloud out on the interwebz. Here you can find all you’ll ever need to know about super cool apps, SoundCloud exclusives and new and exciting SoundClouders!

Last week New Order made use of our secret link to premiere a new, previously unreleased track on Facebook, take a look below!

They have subsequently made the player public to encourage sharing and timed comments, so head here to check it out!

The Smashing Pumpkins have started making use of the Visibli ‘Engagement Bar’ to link fans to their music and promote their brand! Check it out here.

This week, Arctic Monkeys are streaming their new album ‘Suck It And See’ using a great looking SoundCloud Artwork player on their website. Head over to to check it out! 

US experimentalists Battles are streaming their new album over on NME at the moment before its release on June 6th - we think the customised player looks fantastic! 


Founding members of one of the most iconic British bands, The Verve, Nick McCabe and Simon Jones have recently revealed material from their new project The Black Ships. Check out their new EP ‘Kurofune’ here, or via the artwork player below: 


 A few final things…

Ever remixed a Yoko Ono track? There’s a group for that.

We found Ashton Kutcher on SoundCloud, just hanging out with some poetry

Three cool SoundClouders for you to follow this week… Check out the profiles of David Guetta, Alicia Keys and Kasabian!

Don’t forget, if you like what you’ve seen, you can follow everyone featured in this post on SoundCloud! 

Stay tuned for the next edition of SoundCloud Spotted! 


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