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Juiced Up Music present their first ever remix contest for “Hanky Panky - Drive Me Wild.”

They are looking for the hottest, freshest and best remixes from all over - this contest is open to everyone worldwide - simply submit one mix for each of the following genres: House, Electro, Dubstep, DnB, Dirty Dutch.

Click here to head over to the contest and check out the prizes!

Herve has launched a new competition allowing fans to remix one of his best known tracks!

Remix ‘Roll With The Winners’ by downloading the stems from the Facebook contest page, submit your mix to the contest Dropbox - your remix could be released on Cheap Thrills Records and you could find yourself flying off to RockNess

Here is the next remix competition on KEN Records. “Fugleskrangel” is the name of the song, the original is not yet released and will be released as soon as the winners are set for the remix.

They are looking for all styles from House through Electro, Disco and nuDisco - they are also open for other styles as long as they are amazing!

The Prize is having your remix uploaded for sale at iTunes, Juno, Amazon, Spotify and loads of other popular online record shops plus the chance to be signed as an artist on Ken Records for future releases!

To get involved pick up the stems here and get remixing!

Genetically Modified Records are proud to bring you the Brothers Roundabout Remix Contest!

Remix SV Digital - Brothers Roundabout for the chance to be released on Genetically Modified Records as part of the ‘Brothers Roundabout EP’, be offered the chance to become a GM Records artist gaining a profile page on the official label website and the opportunity to release your own original tracks on the label plus 1 years access to the GM Records VIP lounge, an online members only website providing free downloads of GM Records releases, promos and exclusives! 

Check out the soundcloud group Brothers Roundabout Remix Competition and for more info, and listen to the Original Mix of ‘Brothers Roundabout’ and ‘The Re-birth’ below, which will also feature on the EP alongside the winning remix…


One final thing…

Congratulations to DJIGmusic and Alex Kresovich for winning the Duck Down Music and 2KSports NBA2K12 Soundtrack Contest! Check out their track below!


…Interested in setting up your own remix contest or submissions feature on SoundCloud? Click here to find out how!


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