SoundCloud Spotted: Jamie XX, Fools Gold, Fair Ohs, Linkin Park, Saves The Day, Simple Plan, Unconvention and more!

SoundCloud Spotted is new weekly roundup of the most interesting uses of SoundCloud out on the interwebz. Here you can find all you’ll ever need to know about super cool apps, SoundCloud exclusives and new and exciting SoundClouders!

First things first…

Jamie xx's first single stepping away from the xx has finally seen release via the Glasgow-based Numbers label Check out his great use of SoundCloud Premiere at and have a listen to the new single on the very bright and very cool customised Waveform below!

Jamie xx - Far Nearer

Fools Gold are also making the most of SoundCloud Premiere, get your hands on their track ‘Street Clothes’ from their new album ‘Leave No Trace’ here and watch the album artwork flicker to the beat! Too cool!

US rockers Saves The Day have created this awesome looking landing page for their new album, counting down the days until its release and offering up a new track using a SoundCloud Artwork Player

This feature is far too exciting for us to keep to ourselves - Canadian pop-punkers Simple Plan have gone all out with ThingLink, check out their new album reveal where you can stream new tracks, watch their music videos, link to their networks and even pre-order their new album!

So, you already know how much we love Tumblr.  What we love even more are artists making great use of SoundCloud widgets across all their social networks including Tumblr. Check out these amazing examples from London’s Fair Ohs - a great looking Tumblr featuring a Waveform Player, Artwork Players on their Myspace and even a Mini Player dropped into their Big Cartel!

Unconvention, the well known series of regional, national and international music conferences and events for the grass roots of the music industry, recently held an event in beautiful Argentina, which you can read about here. During the event they recorded, produced, mixed, mastered, replicate, designed and released an album all in the space of 72 hours! Check it out below:

Linkin Park’s own Mike Shinoda has added a neat little QR code as his avatar on Twitter. Download a great QR Reader and see where it takes you!

This wonderful human being played at our London Meetup last month, and as an exclusive on SoundCloud, Sadie Jemmett has made an intimate one hour show, talking through the whole of her album track-by-track, check it out below!

Sadie Jemmett - The Blacksmith’s Girl

…and finally

Here’s one to follow for this week, check out Beyonce on the ‘Cloud!


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