SoundCloud Voices

SoundCloud Voices is a weekly Community feature focusing on new spoken word creators found on SoundCloud.  It might be a podcast, radio show, audio book, interview, audio messages, a poem, anything!  Keep an eye out every Thursday for a new post.

This week we’re taking a look at the world of sport on SoundCloud - football to be precise.  No not American football, real football, sometimes known as soccer - but let’s not get into that :-).

First up, Argentinian football podcast the Hand of Pod.  A weekly podcast hosted and attended by some great South American football writers who when they aren’t chatting about football write for the likes of ESPN and  With the Copa America starting in July, it seems there is a lot to talk about…

Copa América preview special: Chile by Hand Of Pod

Next up Back Page Football.  A weekly podcast from Limerick in Ireland who talk, debate and analyse all things football - tactics, opinions, the premiership, european football and more obscure leagues too.  Take a listen.

Hold the BackPage - School’s Out! by bpfootball

Why not give Scottish based podcast Jumpers for Goalposts a listen, by a couple of chaps who run Champions Chat.  Take a listen to these aspiring journalists from Glasgow as they round up the football season.

Jumpers for Goalposts - Season Review by Champions Chat

And last but not least, there’s the European Football Show who feature top stories from around the continent. Featuring exclusive interviews from the likes of Gabe Marcotti, Jon Wilson, James Eastham, Paddy Barclay, David Winner and Ian Hawkey, plus insight from studio guests Dave Farrar, Zonal Marking’s Michael Cox, and Ben Lyttleton.  If you don’t know who any of those are, you obviously don’t read football newspapers and blogs :-).

European Football Show Final Mixdown by European Football Show

If you are interested in trying out SoundCloud as a spoken word podcast platform we are currently running a beta program which you can sign up for via this form.  Successful candidates will be emailed with further details.


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