SoundCloud Spotted: Jamiroquai, Timo Maas, Sŵn Festival, August Burns Red, Iwrestledabearonce, Retro/Grade, The Hidden Cameras…

SoundCloud Spotted is new weekly roundup of the most interesting uses of SoundCloud out on the interwebz. Here you can find all you’ll ever need to know about super cool apps, SoundCloud exclusives and new and exciting SoundClouders!

Plenty of interesting stuff this week, so let’s get started…

Jamiroquai is running a super cool campaign using Facebook and Webdoc, giving fans the chance to listen to and download his new track ‘Smile’, and then encouraging them to share the widget across their own networks! Check out the Facebook tab here!

Swn Festival have announced their line up today and with it have cleverly integrated a range of fantastic looking SoundCloud players into their website! Not only are they making great use of the Stratus App on the main landing page, but each artist page is highlighted by a subtle yet effective looking Artwork player showcasing a track from the featured artist! Furthermore they’ve created a super cool festival playlist using a SoundCloud group including a track dropped in by each artist performing! We’re stoked on this, you should be too! The festival takes place in Cardiff, Wales between the 20th and 23rd of October. Click here for more info and to pick up tickets.

Timo Maas is making great use of our new Social Unlock App (allows you to launch a customized viral campaign page that promotes your new sounds and gives users access to downloads in exchange for social interactions) this week by giving away a free download of ‘Kick 1 Kick 3’, check it out here!

SoundCloud on Facebook…

Iwrestledabearonce are premiering their new track ‘Next Visible Delicious' by embedding a great looking Artwork Player into a Facebook tab! Freakin' sweet! 

To celebrate the release of Mindfighter (Motion:Part1) EP on Deconstruction RecordsRetro/Grade are giving a free track download.  Head over to their Facebook page here to check out the video for ‘Mindfighter’ shortly followed by a SoundCloud mix of the track. You can even ‘Like’ the page to grab a free download! 

SoundCloud widgets across the web…

August Burns Red have embedded a super-long customised waveform player on their website to showcase their new track ‘Poor Millionaire’.  Not only does it look fantastic on their website, the amount of timed comments show how interactive their fans are! Check out the website here.

Danananakroyd have also embedded an awesome looking waveform player on their website for fans to stream their new track ‘E Numbers’. They didn’t even have to customise the player, our default colours fit so well with their colour theme! Check it out

Award winning composer and classical violinist Jeff Edward Ball has gone to town with our artwork players on his website, check it out here!

A few final bits and pieces…

The Hidden Cameras are set to celebrate 10 years of making music this year with a headline show at the Barbican in London on the 2nd July. To further mark the occasion the band have produced a SoundCloud compilation spanning from their home-recorded 2001 debut ‘Ecce Homo’ to the refined orchestral pop arrangements of 2009’s ‘Origin:Orphan’.

Listen to the ’10 Years of The Hidden Cameras’ below!


You can stream the new Chad Vangaalen album exclusively via SoundCloud on Drowned In Sound with a description of each track from the man himself! Check it out here.


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