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SoundCloud Voices is a new weekly Community feature focusing on new spoken word creators found on SoundCloud.  It might be a podcast, radio show, audio book, interview, audio messages, a poem, anything!  Keep an eye out every Thursday for a new post.

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for another SoundCloud Voices post - this week the topic is New York, or rather some really brilliant creators coming out of NYC.  Radiolab, The New Yorker and Science Line.

Yes you heard right, Radiolab tried a little experiment out this week and posted their latest show on SoundCloud and pushed it to Facebook.  If you’ve never heard of Radiolab then welcome to a fantastic podcast!  In their own words “hosts Jad Abumrad and Robert Kulwich use state-of-the-art sound design, mind beding story-telling and a sense of humour to ask big questions and blur the boundaries between science, philosophy and human experience”.  Take a listen to the post on their Facebook page or listen below!  

Radiolab: Talking to Machines, Ep. 1001 by Radiolab

Next up is the brilliant magazine The New Yorker, who have been uploading one of their great podcasts The Political Scene. Here’s the latest episode where Elaine Kamarck joins John Cassidy and Ryan Lizza to discuss whether the economy will doom Obama’s re-election chances.  

The Political Scene, June 16, 2011 by The New Yorker

And last but not least a podcast by the Science, Health and Environmental Reporting program in the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute, New York University.  A long named organisation!  The podcast is more simply named Science Line.  Their latest episode is on the Tungara Frog who just wants to be sexy for potential lady frogs.  In the frog world, to be sexy you got be able to “whine: and “chuck” - take a listen to understand!

The chuck heard round the world by Scienceline

If you are interested in trying out SoundCloud as a spoken word podcast platform we are currently running a beta program which you can sign up for via this form.  Successful candidates will be emailed with further details.


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