SoundCloud Spotted: Glastonbury, BandRx, Gomez, Buddy Holly, Man Without Country, Erased Tapes and more!

SoundCloud Spotted is new weekly roundup of the most interesting uses of SoundCloud out on the interwebz. Here you can find all you’ll ever need to know about super cool apps, SoundCloud exclusives and new and exciting SoundClouders!

First things first…

SoundCloud took a trip this weekend, to a little festival you may have heard of… Glastonbury!

We worked with The Cowshed Studio and Greenpeace at the festival to pull together a heap of fantastic audio from the pop up studio and the bands/performers who stopped by!  The pop up Cowshed Studio  offered folks a place to go and record protest songs relating to environmental and economic issues happening in the world right now.

They even took full advantage of our new Tumblr Integration by creating an audio post featuring Glastonbury boss Michael Eavis singing Happy Birthday to Greenpeace!  Check it out!

Michael Eavis sings Happy Birthday to Greenpeace! by Cowshed Studio

Another feature that popped up at Glastonbury was audio tweeting from the bands and performers who stopped by the studio, this was done instantaneously as the bands left the studio and you can listen to all their audio tweets in the player below!


Now, we know you’re all clued up on Rootmusic's Bandpage and Fanbridge's Damn The Radio, both create great Facebook tabs for you to showcase your audio, video and more on.  We'd also like to introduce you to another gem if you haven't seen it already, BandRx.  In a similar way to Bandpage and Damn The Radio, BandRx creates a “Music” tab on your Facebook Page and gives your fans the ability to play your audio and videos, view upcoming tour dates, check out your band’s merch, check in on your Twitter and much more. The great thing about BandRx is that the audio you pull in from SoundCloud actually displays a nice little SoundCloud logo when anyone plays a track! Check out this great looking example from Paramore.

Fantastic use of the Premiere App this week coming from the one, the only Gomez! Not only does the App LOOK great, but band member Tom Gray has recorded short audio introductions to each track, and they’ve also integrated their tour dates into the App! Check it out!

We’ve picked up on two great uses of our Stratus Player this week, the first comes from South Wales based duo Man Without Country who are using the Stratus Player to stream audio at the bottom of their website over at

The next example comes from Auckland’s own Pajama Club who have integrated the player into the top of their website! Great work guys! 

Two more features for your eyes and ears this week… 

We’d just like to draw your attention to the amazing arrangement of 12 separate artwork players that Erased Tapes have embedded into their website for the new Rival Consoles release ‘Kid Velo’.  Each artwork is individual but together they form a fantastic looking display of audio!

Click here to check it out and don’t forget to follow Erased Tapes on SoundCloud.

Last but not least, Concord Music Group are releasing Rave On Buddy Holly this week, an album-length compilation of Buddy Holly cover songs sung by the likes of Cee Lo Green, Fiona Apple, Lou Reed, and Paul McCartney. Before you pre-order this wonderful piece of history, you can listen to the whole thing below!


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