This week in Remixes/Contests/Submissions…

First up…

Philadelphia rockers Circa Survive have provided the stems to “I Felt Free”, “Dyed in the Wool” and “Glass Arrows” for you all to remix! Check out the tracks below…

Once you’ve worked on a mix you’re happy with, upload the track to the contest page here. As soon as the track is reviewed, it will be available for the public to hear, that way everyone can share each others work!

The best remix of each of the three songs - as determined by the band - will receive a personalized care package from the band and a free Pro Account from us here at Soundcloud. Winning remixes will also be given away as free downloads. Check out the site and have fun with it. Good luck! 

Next On The Bill…

There are four SoundCloud Premium accounts up for grabs for the winners of this MASSIVE remix competition from Timo Maas and Rockets & Ponies!

There are £6000 worth of prizes up for grabs, and all you need to do is remix the Timo Maas track ‘Cash Johnny,’ which you can listen to in the player above, and submit it to be in with a chance of winning! For full details of prizes and to enter head to!

Finally this week…


Kids! Would you like to be an Official Apple Cart Festival Reporter?

If you’re age 14 or under, fancy being a reporter at this year’s festival and want to let everyone know about the best bits, then enter this contest! All you have to do is interview a friend, parent, teacher or anyone else who might have a good story and upload it to this Soundcloud group.

-Each interview must be around 2-3 minutes long. 
-This competition is open to 14 and unders only.

Listen to the recording on the player above for full details on the contest. For more information about the festival, or if you have any questions, feel free to post them on The Apple Cart Festival Facebook:


Group Of The Week

We’re starting a new feature as part of our weekly Remixes/Contests/Submissions roundup - the Group Of The Week!

We want to highlight the best uses of SoundCloud groups within our community, and we’re going to start things off by introducing you to a group moderated by our very own VP of Business Development, Dave Haynes.

Buskers & Street Musicians

This is a group for recordings of buskers and street musicians. Bonus points if your recordings are geo-tagged and come with pictures and/or descriptions. If you’d like to start making your own recordings then the SoundCloud or FiRe apps are highly recommended.

Don’t forget, if you’re recording a clip then make sure you’re leaving a good chunk of change with the performer!

You can listen to the latest tracks from the group in the player below before heading here to submit your own recordings! Get involved!


…Interested in setting up your own remix contest or submissions feature on SoundCloud? Click here to find out how!


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