This week we welcome Kristina Weise to the SoundCloud team! She will be joining us at our San Francisco office! Please say “hi”, listen to her audio message and read more on the blog !

Here are some notable mentions from her interview:

Do you have any fun facts you can tell us about? I have a feeling you might be a beard connoisseur? Is that right?

Correct! I am the co-founder of Build-a-Beard along with the amazing Alex Aizenberg. Build-a-Beard recognizes those who display a commitment to the excellence of facial hair growing whether fully maintained, trimmed daily, or free flowing. We embrace beards, ‘staches, goatee styles, flavor savors, soul patches, chin straps, muttonchops, and any form of facial fuzz creativity. It’s been a blast… from organizing a Brooklyn Beard Ball to help raise money for RightRides to being invited onto Frightened Rabbit’s tour bus for an interview – it’s incredible what a little facial hair can do. We’ve been featured in The New York PostNBC New York, and Social Nerdia amongst other outlets.

You can connect with Kristina here:


As always, if you are interested in joining our team in either Berlin, San Francisco or London please check out our job postings here »


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