What do you like most about being a part of the SoundCloud team? There is a huge hunger for knowledge here. This certainly applies to technology, but I think it also applies to other things as well. Take for example the fact that we have a weekly masterclass where any employee can lead a seminar on any topic they think is worthwhile. Thats awesome, and something I bet isn’t common everywhere in my experience.

There is also a shared excitement for the possibilities of SoundCloud, not only from those working here, but from people I know outside the company. Audio is something that hasn’t matured to the point it should on the internet and to be a part of that process is something special.

SoundCloud » Fun Friday: Meet Jon Schmidt

Jon makes up half of our Android team and is our latest import from New York City.

Fun fact he mentions in the interview:

He holds the high score for the game Must Eat Birds

Fun fact he doesn’t mention in the interview:

Jon actually started working on the Android app as a third-party developer and when we saw what he did, we hired him right away.

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