SoundClouder of the Day | Earthfriend 

SoundClouder of the Day, Heiko Hoffmann, who makes music under the name earthfriend says:

"I’m a self-taught hobby musician and started to create music in 2008. I like to combine piano and electronic sounds mostly in a style of relaxing New Age or Ambient.

I also like to associate my music with the beauty of nature and our wonderful blue planet from where I take most of my inspiration.”

His song The Path of the White Bear does just that - finding inspiration in the uncertain future of the Polar Bear. 

SoundClouder of the Day | Red Clouds

Composing dynamic drones is a difficult undertaking. SoundClouder of the Day James Hoehl, who plays under the name Red Clouds, creates foreboding and suspenseful work. His song As We Gaze Upon This New World develops slowly over time into a pulsing and dark yet beautiful work. Settle in for the nearly 15 minute track and let it wash through your headphones like a wave crashing in slow motion.