Greedy Little Chipmunk - Sunday, August 8th

So, this past weekend I went to the cottage my boyfriend’s family rents every summer for the last 22 summers. I suppose over these years the chipmunks up there have become borderline domesticated. They have no trouble walking right up to you and eating a peanut out of your hand, or off your shoulder, and they even let you hold and pet them! They’re pretty cute, but they know it and use it to their advantage, and get to gouge on peanuts that we happily feed them…over and over and over. By the end of the trip I wasn’t having any of it - they were climbing all over me while I was trying to read, crawling into my pockets looking for my peanut stash. Greedy!

After I came back from a leisurely canoe ride, one of the little buggers crawled right up to me and sat on my knee, giving me his chipmunk eyes, and so my boyfriend’s Oma (who is the chipmunks’ best friend) gave it a peanut. You can hear it crunching away. And then my boyfriend’s brother, “He’s a greedy little shit, isn’t he”. Indeed he was.

I must say, though, it was pretty cool to get so close to an otherwise timid animal. They were extremely adorable, and so soft! I have some pictures at home that I’ll include later this afternoon.

This is a pretty quiet recording, so you might want to turn the volume up a bit to hear everything.

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