Chilean students march on a rainy day - Submitted by Panzedrako

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. I’m really excited to share today’s sounds and announce the final giveaway winner!

Panzerdrako submitted a recording from Santiago, Chile of the student protests that are going on there which he captured on his old Sony Walkman. If you haven’t been reading about the marches/protests in Chile, what’s basically going on are a series of student-led protests which began in June, with the end goal of these being education reform. According to Wikipedia, the Confederation of Chilean Student Federations (CONFECH) are demanding,

  • Increased state support for public universities, which currently finance their activities mostly through tuition
  • More equitable admissions process to prestigious universities, with less emphasis on standardized testing
  • New system of scholarships to provide free education (not loans) to poor and working-class students; reduction of interest rates from their current 5.8%
  • Creation of a government agency to apply the law against profit in higher education and prosecute those universities that are allegedly using loopholes to profit. The students oppose direct (fellowship and voucher) and indirect government aid (government-backed loans) to for-profit schools.
  • A more serious accreditation process to improve quality and end indirect state support for poor quality institutions
  • Creation of an “intercultural university” that meets the unique demands of Mapuche students
  • Repeal of laws forbidding student participation in university governance

Right on! I think it’s really inspiring what these students are doing and I hope they attain the reforms they are looking for. The front of the University of Chile, which is occupied by the students, reads “The fight is for the whole society. Everybody for free education”.

Check out the Wikipedia article HERE, and a great article  via the BBC HERE

Thanks so much for sharing your sounds with me Panzer! And congrats on your prize - I’ll have it in the mail in the next couple of days! I hope to hear more of your sounds soon :)

You can find our winner on Twitter @panzerdrako, and on Tumblr HERE

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Thunderstorm on Strathcona Ave, 1984 - Submitted by Colman Jones

Happy Friday, all! I hope you’ve had a great week, and are all ready for the weekend. Kind of sad that it’s the last summer weekend :(

Today’s sounds come from Colman Jones, who I featured last week, back with more vintage Toronto audio! Lucky for Colman, he has also won one of my follower appreciation swag-bags! Congrats!!! Check your SoundCloud inbox for more info, Colman :)

So, along the same vein as yesterday’s storm sounds, today we’ll listen to a great quality, 11 minute recording of a thunderstorm taken on Strathcona Ave (just off the Danforth in the east end) in 1984.

Colman says, “Wednesday night’s storm in Toronto was unbelievable, and brought to mind another storm decades ago, recorded from the front porch of a house on Strathcona Avenue, in full stereo!”

So wicked! These vintage recordings are the coolest thing! I love listening to storms. Let’s consider this one today’s Moment of Zen, shall we?

Fun fact: This audio was used in one of Colman’s compositions called In the Rain. Listen to it here (click through this post to stream the audio):

In the Rain by Colman Jones

Thanks again for sharing, Colman! And congrats on your win! Expect your swag-bag in the mail very soon :)

I hope you all have a great weekend! I am having a huge birthday party tonight (at Swiss Chalet woop woop!) and then a nice weekend of packing up my apartment and trying to get out as much as I can. There are a lot of great events happening this weekend like BuskerFest, FanExpo and the CNE! Click here for a listing!

I have one more swag-bag left! I hope to hear some submissions this weekend so I can give it away on Monday! So keep your recorders handy, people! Submit your sounds HERE or HERE to win!

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Sounds from Tournai, Belgium - Submitted by wildtek

And we have a winner! I’m happy to announce that SoundCloud user wildtek has won the first of 4 SoundCloud swag bags from my follower appreciation giveaway/submission/contest thing! Woo-hoo!

All the way from Tournai, Belgium, comes this lovely capture from outside the music conservatory. Our winner explains, “I was sitting there waiting for someone to arrive and some music students were playing instruments in different rooms with open windows. The melting pot of piano and saxophone was quite interesting so I took my iPod and started recording” (This was recorded with iPod Touch 4 & Audiofile Engineering Fire 2.0.1)

I totally love this! This sound reminds me so much of Philosopher’s Walk near the University of Toronto - you can hear people practicing, practicing, practicing at both the Faculty of Music (my alma mater) and the Royal Conservatory of Music and it can be quite lovely! I’ve always had a soft spot for the sound of musicians practicing.

Big congrats to our first winner! And thank you SO much for sharing these sounds with me and participating in my little giveaway! Check your SoundCloud inbox :)

You can find our winner on the internet over on SoundCloud here, on Twitter @wildtek, and on Tumblr here.

I have 3 more swag bags to give away, so click here for more info about how to win your very own (submit your sounds to the blog or Sounds of My City group, tag them #SoMCsubmission, add a description - easy)! Deadline to enter is August 28th! Hope to hear from you soon!

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It’s giveaway announcement day!

Listen to the recording for all the info you need! But, basically…I’m holding a little follower appreciation giveaway/contest/submission thing. Submit sounds of your city (anywhere in the world) - good, bad, your favourites…anything…and you could win one of 4 super cool SoundCloud/Toronto-themed swag bags! (Look at all that cool stuff!)

Submit your sounds HERE or HERE. Tag them #SoMCsubmission, make sure you give them a unique title, include a description so I can post them on the blog!

Deadline for all submissions is Sunday, August 28th! If I receive any submissions by Monday (Aug. 22), I’ll announce our first winner then!

Looking forward to hearing your sounds!!

Thank you so much for following :)

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