SoundClouder of the Day | Guillaume Beaud

Guillaume Beaud is a 17-year-old French Londoner. He’s a self-taught pianist in the last three years and has also played eight years of violin. His piano improvisations and solo pieces are delightful.

"Colourful Paris" is an uplifting, romantic piano improvisation that features jazz-influenced chords.

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SoundClouder of the Day | Teddy Garcia

Teddy Garcia is a singer-songwriter who was born in West Africa, lived in Scotland and Australia and traveled extensively through North America. He’s now based in the South of France in Céret. "The blues is where I feel most at home," he says. 

Hear his excellent guitar playing and singing in the jazz-influenced composition, “Bluesville by the Sea” which he says is meant to be a “kind of ‘boy meets girl and they drown their sorrows together’ song. The monologue-in-a-bar format is a well worn one, think Sinatra’s “One More for the Road”, Tom Waits’s, “I Hope I Don’t Fall in Love with You.”

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SoundClouders of the Day | WP_Music 

Amsterdam, Netherlands based WP_Music are today’s SoundClouders of the Day. Normally, the group consists of bassist Peter Hofland and drummer Wim Wentzel. But on the improvised track EnerG, they are also joined by guitarist Gerjan Schreuder. Settle in for a heavily delayed slow burn guitar workout. 

SoundClouder of the Day | Axel Weiss

Axel Weiss is an independent jazz musician from Obernbreit in Bavaria, Germany. From improvisations to latin jazz ballads and plenty of collaborations with SoundClouders in between, you’re bound to find something enjoyable on Axel’s profile.

We love the bossa nova sound of “Kisses from the Sun.” “We wish all friends and listeners a beautiful summer with our new song from the sun,” says Axel.

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