Anthony Shadid, a brilliant journalist who dedicated his career to covering the events in the Middle East sadly passed last week, while in Syria, from an asthma attack. Today SoundCloud Voices takes a look at some of the new organisations who have paid tribute to him posting various recordings of the man himself and recollection from colleagues. Democracy Now, ICFJ and KCRW are our featured users over on the blog.

This weeks SoundCloud Voices compiles some of the recordings made during Occupy Wall Street.  It’s a collection of field recordings, interviews, speeches and oral history in the making.  Take a listen to an example interview here and head over to the blog for more!

Episode 0.1 - Barcamp, Hari and SoundCloud


Media Mouthwash Episode 0.1 by Media Mouthwash

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In our first show we discuss what happened at Barcamp Media City, mull over what the role of universities should be in the development of journalism and introduce the first editions of our regular items, Gaffe and App of the fortnight.



Andy Dickinson - Daily Mail student media awards?

Andy Dickinson - The role of universities: the carnival of journalism lives!

Johann Hari - A personal apology

Disgraced columnist writes for New York Times Book Review

Adam Tinworth - Good writers are common…

Thanks for the fantastic review of our Android app! Fast-forward to minute 22:55 to listen to the review.

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This week’s SoundCloud Voices takes a look at journalism and how audio can be used to contribute to a piece. Take a listen to the first of a three part interview by Tech Crunch Europe editor Mike Butcher on mobile use during the London riots. Read the rest of the blog post here which also features Arik Hesseldahl from All Things Digital and Tech Crunch editor Erick Schonfeld.

SoundCloud Voices

SoundCloud Voices is a new weekly Community feature focusing on new spoken word creators found on SoundCloud.  It might be a podcast, radio show, audio book, interview, audio messages, a poem, anything!  Keep an eye out every Thursday for a new post.

This week we’re diving into the world of podcasts.  There’s a growing collection of podcasters on SoundCloud these days, here’s a selection of reporting based podcasts.

First up is France 24, the international news and current affairs broadcaster.  France 24 for distributing their collection of podcasts, reports and interviews.  Part of France24’s “Les Observateurs” series the following audio, in French, is a fascinating and scary testimony from a man who claims to belong to the Syrian security forces.  In this audio he details the instructions he received to control the protesters on the outskirts of Damascus.  Read the full article here.

Audio Syrie by France24

Keeping with the revolutionary and journalism theme, check out Public Radio International using SoundCloud for The World.  It’s crazy to think the events in Egypt were 3 months ago already.  Check out this piece on the chants at Tahrir Square.

Chants from Tahrir Square | Ursula Lindsey by The World

And finally, all the way over in Santa Monica, radio station KCRW have been using SoundCloud for everything from podcasts, interviews, documentaries to restaurant reviews.  Here’s a recent report on the aftermath of the Tornado in Alabama.

Tornado Aftermath in Alabama by KCRW