On Thursday afternoon Luke and I chatted about his SoundCloud story, why he loves Berlin and what his favorite sounds are! Hear his full interview above and continue for some more highlights!

Specifics: Luke Leighfield, Community Support Specialist, originally from England

Fun Fact: Started using SoundCloud in 2009

Likes: Movies, reading books, eating kebabs, passionate about – justice issues, cats, memes, GIFS

Favorite tour stops: Berlin, Germany, Sweden

Does not like: Reggae

Favorite thing about SoundCloud: Nice people, fresh fruit, tempting beer

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Order mine and Jose’s split EP by tomorrow night and we’ll post it out before we head to Europe next week, complete with a signed poster. Jose’s signature is pretty good. Mine is pretty average. 

Order here:

P.S. The audio above is Jose’s cover of ‘Have You Got Heart?’ - didn’t she do a grand job?

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Apparently mine and Jose’s stems for our remix competition have now been downloaded 2,483 times, including over 300 downloads of mine and Jose’s vocal stems, which by my reckoning means we could be receiving around 300 remixes. Insane. And there’s still about six weeks until the competition ends!

You can hear the entries so far here. It’s so exciting to hear people’s creations from all over the world, using music that we made in a studio in England. The Internet is crazy.

Thank you to SoundCloud for making this possible!

Thank you, Luke!

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