Chris Weeks - Telescopic Moon

Oramix Contest winners announced! 

A few months ago, we told you about a competition The Science Museum in London was running, as part of their celebration of sound designer Daphne Oram, and the opening of their exhibit Oramics to Electronica.

They invited musicians to take sounds from Oram’s archives, and create a new piece of music with them, judged by a panel consisting of Brian Eno, The Wire magazine and more.

The winners have just been revealed, with Chris Weeks’ ‘Telescopic Moon’ being awarded first place. His entry is embedded above. Congratulations Chris!

Listen to the panel’s other top picks over at The Science Museum’s site.

SoundClouder of the Day | Benjamin Dauer | A Glimmer of Hope

Today’s SCOTD pick is Benjamin Dauer, based in Washington, DC. We featured ‘A Glimmer of Hope’ in the background during our first episode of ‘SoundCloud Speaks’, but felt it deserved it’s own spot. Benjamin creates ambient music, and is a active member of the community on SoundCloud.

Take a moment to relax, and have a listen to Benjamin’s sounds.

Have a great weekend.

SoundCloud Speaks - 001 - Disquiet

Today we’re announcing our new audio series ‘SoundCloud Speaks’, where we’ll be taking an in-depth look into stories from the ‘cloud, shedding light on new features, and showcasing some of your fantastic work!

In this first episode, we had a chat with Disquiet‘s Marc Weidenbaum about ambient music, noise, and the compositional challenges he sets using SoundCloud.

Marc curated Instagr/am/bient, where 25 ambient producers swapped Instagram photos and composed music to match the photo they received, and currently is running Junto weekly where Marc sets a weekly brief, giving users four days to submit a composition to a SoundCloud Group.

Take a listen, and get involved!

Hope you enjoy.