Pop Up Archive Mashup Contest winners

This is a guest blog post by 2012 SoundCloud Community Fellows Pop Up Archive. Today, they introduce the winners of their archival mashup contest!

Image by brianjmatis

Last month we introduced the Pop Up Archive Mashup Contest 2012. We’d like to very deeply and sincerely thank everyone for their wonderful submissions. Our judges laughed and cried and ultimately selected two winners for their skillful blends of archival audio. 

So congratulations to our winners Patricia Fung (a.k.a. ramble n’ roll) and Michael Saltsman (a.k.a. Pumpkin Patch). Be sure to check out their tracks below.

Power Of The People
Mashup Love Letter

Each of our victors will be celebrating in style with brand new premium SoundCloud memberships. Thanks SoundCloud!

The winning submissions include material from SoundCloud fellows DecodeDCRandomTapeLife Advice RadioWorking NowGuideBooks, and Detroit Mobile Audio as well as our special guest star Blank on Blank. We’d also like to offer a bonus congratulations to Pumpkin Patch for going out on a limb and submitting this sublimely strange Popcorn Maker mashup. Enjoy.

Pop Up Archive is a 2012 SoundCloud Community Fellow.

We are not musicians or producers. We don’t normally make sound. We started our project, Pop Up Archive, because we recognize that public media is moving onto the web and that new content is created with greater ease by more people than ever before. So, what we do is hunt media down, wrangle it, and keep it tame and orderly so that people like you — podcasters, radiophiles, musicians and producers — can find it, reuse it, and keep it vital.

Do you have raw audio that’s sitting in your external HD storage or collecting dust in boxes? Can unused raw audio content be reused to inspire creativity? Pop Up Archive thinks so and wants to help.