Remember back in December, we asked former SoundClouders Of The Day to record their SoundCloud story, which included favorite moments of the year and other things they’d like to say to other Community members. We posted one a day and collected an awesome amount of stories, so many that we couldn’t fit them all into December! Now, we’re embedding the set of all the #SCstories we received! You can hear ‘em above!

#SCstory: Galen Wade

Woot! We have another #SCstory for everyone, another one with some cool effects, but by Galen Wade this time! Check out how he ended up on SoundCloud, and more.

#SCstory: Rockshamrover

We’re continuing into the new year with another #SCstory! This one’s by Vinny and Dave from Rockshamrover. They tell us about the welcoming and encouraging feelings they got from the SC community after joining! They have some cool effects going on in their message too!

#SCstory: Wild Earth Voices

Any special moments you’ve had capturing sounds this year? Mark Brennan, aka Wild Earth Voices, chats about the special moments he’s captured with loons, deers, and much more in his #SCstory!

#SCstory: The Sandman’s Orchestra

Based in France, The Sandman’s Orchestra tells us their #SCstory about their great collaborations, one was particularly special since it was a project with more than 20 awesome contributions from the community! Go, ‘Clouders!

#SCstory: Simbosan

In this #SCstory, Simbosan talks about the fabulous community of ‘Clouders (that’s you guys!) creating a web of creative energy. Take a listen!