Hey creators! Did you know that award-winning violinist and producer Miri Ben-Ari has announced a talent search on SoundCloud?

You have the option of submitting material in two separate categories: instrumental and instrumental with vocals, and each month from July to September, Miri will pick her favorite tracks in each category! She will then share her top picks and spotlight them on her SoundCloud profile!  

In September SoundCloud users will then have the opportunity to vote on their favorite spotlighted submissions and decide the winners in each category. The winners will be given the opportunity to collaborate with Miri Ben-Ari on a special project. Artists are able submit content starting July 1st, 2012. All content submitted must be original.


A violinist in Milan - Submitted by Silvia Maggi

Hi guys! I hope you’re all doing well and had a great weekend/Monday. I thought I’d make one more little post before I depart tomorrow for Berlin, so I’ve chosen this lovely recording from Silvia Maggi (who’s soundwalk in Milan was featured last week). 

This short clip features a great violinist busking in Milan. As Silvia puts it, “After lunch on a fine sunny day: this music perfectly fits.”

I agree! Such a pleasant sound to come across, and from a North American perspective, the fact that you’re in Milan when you captured this makes it a lot more romantic to me. 

Thank you very much for sharing, Silvia! I hope to hear more of your great city sounds soon :)

Keep the submissions coming, folks! I’ll probably be taking a week or two to settle in Berlin, but I’ll definitely be keeping the blog going. And to my Toronto followers: I hope you continue to record and capture our great city! I’ll miss it a lot, so I’d love to receive some submissions from home while I’m away! 

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Awesome Annex Busker(s), pt. 3 - Sunday, August 14

Theyyyyy’re back! Well, he’s back - the violinist, I mean. My favourite busker in Toronto! Making beautiful music in his usual spot at the corner of Walmer & Bloor, I stopped to record him after grabbing my groceries on Sunday evening.

He was playing Bach Cello Sonata, Partita no. 3. He started playing something else (equally lovely) but then stopped for a bit to “hide his fortune” under the cloth in his violin case! Haha, sneaky busker.

In short, I love him. He’s my absolute favourite busker - and so talented too! He’s got a whole catalogue of amazing music memorized (as many violinists do), and has become a wonderful summer staple for the Annex.


PS: Listen to previous recordings of the AABs (Awesome Annex Buskers) here:

Awesome Annex Buskers by katieneeds

Awesome Annex Buskers pt. 2 by katieneeds

PPS: I’d like you guys to start thinking about some ubiquitous city sounds - buskers, maybe? Or transit sounds, or maybe sirens? Things that can be found in most cities. And then maybe think about recording them? Because maybe I have a fun giveaway planned… Stay tuned!

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